Artwork Care

Artwork Care Instructions:

All art pieces are handmade and one-of-kind. Small imperfections, such as micro dust particles, ripples, or fine bubbles are normal to encounter during the pouring process, and are not considered defects.

Wall Art

Keep all pieces out of direct sunlight. Despite the resin containing UV blockers, epoxy resin can still yellow over time.

Epoxy resin can be easily scratched and buffed. Be careful when handling. Clean with window cleaner and a soft cloth should dust be present on the surface.

Your piece may or may not have come with hardware installed. Please refer to the product description. It is strongly recommended to have a professional hang your art, especially for heavy pieces. If hardware has not come with your piece, ensure you have selected the appropriate hanging hardware to accommodate the weight. French cleats or flush-mount hooks are most often recommended.

Ambreen Ehtisham is not liable for any damage caused to the art work or injury caused by hanging.

Serving Boards

  • Hand wash only with damp cloth and dish soap.
  • Do NOT put in dishwasher or soak in water.
  • DO NOT scrub on top of the epoxy resin. Epoxy resin can be easily scratched and buffed.
  • It is recommended to use a cutting board oil and/or wax to keep the wood conditioned for longevity and brilliance.
  • Do NOT cut on epoxy resin. These boards are meant for serving only.
  • Do not place hot products on top of the epoxy resin as this can cause the resin to soften.